Why Mike Pence?

Some argue that impeaching T Rump could lead to a less desirable outcome:         President Mike Pence.

I disagree.

Mike Pence is a misogynist through and through. He feels it’s his messianic right to deny women the freedom in just about all things; namely, the choices with respect to abortion and military service. He’s homophobic arguing that same sex marriages will cause “societal collapse”. He’s for diverting funding for HIV victims to programs aimed at conversion therapy. He’s a self-righteous, religious extremist and bigot.

So why do I think he’s better than T Rump?

T Rump stands for nothing. He’s a schizophrenic chameleon. His colors never quit changing.

T Rump is as grounded as a North Korean ballistic missile.

Knowing where somebody stands, even if he stands apart from you, far apart, is far better than supporting someone who knows nothing and believes in nothing but self-adulation.

T Rump is worthless.

Pence is just wrong. I can cope with disagreement, not vapidness and psychopathic narcissism.


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