What’s Your Poison?

A drink?  Some OxyContin?  A Sig-Sauer?  What about a tight-fitting noose?


Some interesting, albeit disturbing, trends have been manifest over the past two years and there doesn’t appear to be an end to their momentum.

So what’s going on?

Are these trends symptomatic of a darker, more seismic cultural shift or are they unrelated, random aberrations with no discernable rhyme or reason?


Suicide Rate

Over the past two years the suicide rate has reached an all-time high; moreover, it’s much higher in Republican states that voted for T Rump than in democratically dominated states.  Gun suicides account for 83% of the total and for every two, gun-suicides there’s a one-gun related homicide.

(1-800-273-8255: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).

Hate Crimes
The rise in hate crimes has risen dramatically in 2016 and 2017 with no sign of mitigating in the current year.
Crimes against Blacks, Jews, Muslims and the LBGT community are all on the rise.  Closely linked hate speech is following a similarly vexing trajectory.

“Trump Anxiety”
Psychiatric consults have been on a record setting path since 2016.  Branded “Trump Anxiety”, it’s most commonly diagnosed among immigrants who have been victimized by His Majesty’s constant and unapologetic hate speech against non-white Americans resulting in “suicidal ideation.”  The ever-increasing numbers of sufferers are among our most vulnerable and his most “visible” targets.



Alcohol sales have risen since 2016 by 18% for on premise restaurant/bar sales and more than 30% in off-premise, liquor store sales.  The rate of alcoholism has increased accordingly.

Drug addiction

Opioid related deaths increased 21% in 2016 and continued to rise thru 2017.  The Emperor’s failure to declare the opioid scourge a “National Emergency”, opting instead for the more benign designation as a national “Health Emergency”, has denied care givers the allocation of much needed federal funds to combat this lethal epidemic.


That’s enough for today…anyway, I’ve got to get to the liquor store since it’s “20% off wine” day.