Ugly Parallels (or Time To Give A Damn)

“What is past is prologue.” – The Tempest

History is both instructive and predictive; in fact, these two characteristics are inextricably bound.  What is learned from what we’ve done helps shape what we do now and portends where our current path will take us.                                                         Shakespeare was prescient.

It’s mistakes of the past — egregious, abhorrent and horrifying mistakes — we must fully comprehend so we won’t, in Churchill’s slight recast of Santayana’s famous quote, be “condemned to repeat it.”

A disturbing number of Americans have learned little to nothing from the greatest human tragedy of the twentieth century and are deliberately, ignorantly or perniciously enabling our current president to create an environment destined to repeat it.

“Make Germany Great Again”

= “Make America Great Again”.


“Deutschland Uber Alles” = “America First”.


White Supremacy = Aryan Master Race.


Banning Muslims + Banning Mexicans + Rat infested Black Neighborhoods + Persons of Color Should “Go Back Where You Came From” = Goal Of (White) Racial Purity.


Trump Campaign Rallies = German Party Rallies = Propaganda Events = Pageants of Power.


The (German) Press is the Enemy of the People = The (American) Press is the Enemy of the People.


All that’s missing from T Rump’s new playbook, “The Art Of Domination”, is a modern equivalent to the Reichstag Fire.

For the vindictive minority willing to trade a pro-life Supreme Court Justice for the future of a hard fought-for democracy, it’s high time to get over yourself and give a damn about America’s future.

For the bitter minority who believe whites have been put upon by people of color and refuse to accept racial equality as a basic tenet of human justice, it’s high time you evolve into the twenty-first century and give a damn about America’s future.

For the sanctimonious few who proclaim to be Christian and use the Bible to justify your defense of sexual predation, blatant racism, hatred and prevarication as social norms, the belief in a Master Race, it’s high time you opened your mind, learned to read and give a damn about America.

For the small but growing constituency of hyper-nationalists and hyper-partisans who support gerrymandered voting districts, voter ID requirements, the anachronistic Electoral College, a unitary executive branch of government, it’s high time you read the Constitution and give a damn about America.

Time is precious and it’s running out.

It’s time we all give a damn.


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