Tony or T Rump


T Rump makes Tony Soprano look like a choir boy.  Sorta.


Tony was careful not to let his “business” crossover into his home life and become known to his “personal” family.

T Rump’s “business” involves his personal family and each member is adept at leveraging the WH for both personal and family gain.


Tony plans his nefarious, unlawful activities in cloistered settings involving key lieutenants he can trust to carry out their duties in a brutally efficient and professional manner.

T Rump violates the Constitution, common sense and political correctness every waking moment of every day, acting as if none of these guideposts exists.  His crimes and misdeeds are committed in plain sight, many times on camera, and he surrounds himself with a syndicate of idiots; mainly misfits and sycophants. Loyalty is the only currency in T Rump’s world that has transactional value.


Tony demands loyalty to him and his organization.

T Rump demands loyalty only to him.


Betray Tony and you’ll disappear.

Betray T Rump and you’ll be fired and branded a scumbag he hardly knows.


If there’s a job that needs to be done, Tony will use all means at his disposal and get it done.

T Rump doesn’t pay attention.  Doesn’t read.  Doesn’t listen.  Consequently, he hasn’t a clue there’s a job out there that needs to be done.


Tony or T Rump.  Which one would you prefer as president?


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