The Sycophant Collection      


It’s all about T Rump’s legacy.

In light of “Individual One’s” history of violating the law and his more recent attempts to undermine, avoid and blatantly defy the law, it wouldn’t hurt to think beyond the 2020 election to what we can do now to commemorate the T Rump brand and define its place in history.
I’ve given this some thought and have come up with several plausible solutions.


Hallmark Cards is one.  They should introduce a new “Sycophant Collection” honoring those among us who exemplify T Rumps most salient personal characteristics.  These cards will be sold to a third of Americans who thrive on having someone to kiss up to; someone who expects to receive special notice, anything, from their mindless cadre of admiring minions.
Cards for Birthday’s, Anniversaries, all variety of special occasions, will be offered; however, the person being recognized, and that person alone, will stand out as “TRump-Like” and thus be worthy of fawning recognition.


What better way to offer tribute to the legacy of T Rump?


Honoree’s won’t include the pedestrian, such as wives, mothers, fathers, children and the like; on the contrary, they will include the likes of Unconvicted Felons, Extremely Stable Genius’, My Favorite Tyrant, The Smartest

Despot, My Psychopathic Narcissist,  The Mexican Wall Builder, The Man of Many Tariffs, The Criminal Pardoner, The Executive Orderer, The Misogynist, The No Collusion Guy, The No Obstruction Guy, Mr. Big Hands…you get the picture.


Handwritten messages work best and should express sentiments such as,

“When I first met you I had no idea what a profound effect you’d have on my life,” or,

“You are that part of me I’ve always been missing,” or

“You complete me,” or the coup de grace,

“It’s so great knowing anyone in America can grow up and become ‘Individual One’ ”.

Such unctuous tripe works like a miracle drug on anyone who aspires to be like T Rump and, in equal measure, is willing to contribute to T Rump’s legacy.