The Reichstag Wall

T Rumps affection for Hitler’s speeches failed to reveal how to replicate the Reichstag Fire, arguably the false flag that served as the first domino in a succession of events that ultimately gave rise to Nazi Germany.  The fire spread fear throughout Germany and expedited efforts to consolidate legislative and judicial powers into the executive branch giving Hitler exactly what T Rump craves most: Absolute power.
It’s taken more than two years, but T Rump has put together the pieces Stephen Miller has provided him:
1–Identify your antagonists:  Mexicans.  They are to T Rump what the communists were to Hitler.  (First, Stephen Miller aka T Rump targeted Muslims).
2–Terrorize the public:  Create a dramatic, convincing and terror-fraught event:  The horrific Reichstag fire was to Hitler what “caravans of murderous Hispanic criminals poring across our open borders” are to T Rump…or, earlier, the threat Muslim terrorists posed as they pored through our airports in unregulated droves.
3–Make it Official:  The Reichstag Fire Decree is, in T Rumps mind, tantamount to his declaration of a National Emergency.  Legitimize the overwhelming, nationwide threat by incorporating it into official, government policy.
The Reichstag fire occurred four weeks after Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.  It was a false flag and gave the Nazi’s, and Hitler in particular, the pretext to expand authoritarian rule throughput the Fatherland.  The fire decree was the first step and Nazi Germany and Mein Furher were the result.
T Rump failed to create a comparable false flag “event” in the early days of his presidency, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying.
He has his antagonists.  His Wall.  His false flag.  And now he has his National Emergency.
Sadly, he has no credibility.  No legitimacy.  No mandate.
His minority base of support is free to accept him as their tyrant-in-chief.
The majority of Americans know him to be a dishonest, despicable excuse for a human being.
Enough is enough.