I’m tired of writing thousands of words to amplify T Rump’s failings and all the compelling reasons he shouldn’t be our president, so I’ll stop.  For now.
I want, instead, to focus on a positive message about our president; things T Rump does well and deserves some appreciation:
1-He supports and promotes his children.
2-He’s good to his wealthy friends.
3-He’s generous and forgiving with his loyalists.
4-He’s equally generous and protective with his concubines.
5-He’s good for the game of golf.
6-He’s good for golfers who rely on creative scoring to enhance their handicaps.
7-He supports on-the-job training, especially at the highest levels of government.
8-He dresses well; keeps his shoes shined and his hair in place.
9-He’s a big supporter of plaintiff attorneys and keeps them busy pursuing civil (tort) suits.
10-He’s also a font of opportunity for criminal defense attorneys.
11-He’s a great story teller and can magically transform truth to fantasy in an instant.
12-He’s a hero among fast food lovers and never met a French fry he didn’t like.
Ain’t he special.

### 30 ###