Strategic Imperative

All this talk of impeaching President T Rump is premature.
The Dems should follow T Rumps example and put the 2020 elections first and their impulse to impeach second.
We’re seventeen months from Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
How long an impeachment process takes is central to the decision to initiate an impeachment inquiry.
Take a quick lesson in history.

The most recent president to be impeached was Bill Clinton.
From the day the House began their impeachment inquiry to the moment the Senate issued its verdict of “not guilty”, only five months had passed.  Five months compared to today; seventeen months away from the next presidential election.
T Rump is transparent in signaling his desire to be impeached now because he knows it will end in his “not guilty” favor months before the 2020 election.
I can hear him now, “No collusion.  No obstruction.  Complete exoneration.  Waste of money.  Witch hunt…”, ranting before thousands of fixated fans who will join his tirade with shouts of, “Lock her up.”  (It’s what cultists do).
Add to this the WH’s open and deliberate defiance of any subpoena, any legal request for documentary evidence and testimony that will further indict T Rump on all the issues he claims to be innocent.  This defiance is viral and infects every agency within the Executive Branch of government.

The reason?  Delay.

Delay is critical; in fact, it’s strategic.
T Rump’s 2020 campaign operatives know the office of President IS T Rumps best defense against prosecution.  Delay the investigative process until the elections and then hope and pray T Rump wins.  This will give T Rump four more years to manipulate Congress and the Judiciary in hopes of minimizing if not eliminating his legal jeopardy when he eventually leaves office.  (Not going to happen, sorry).

For Democrats, patience is well beyond a virtue, it’s a strategic imperative.

Congress’ inquiry MUST extend past Election Day, thus denying TRump and Mitch McNothing the ghoulish, albeit predictable, satisfaction of a favorable outcome in a Senate trial.

Impeachment hearings should begin, but not before July, 2020.  Let’s target the 4th of July and assign all the patriotic symbolism we can to the moment.

All evidence of T Rump’s guilt of conspiring with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election, obstructing the investigation into his conspiratorial acts, money laundering, defrauding banks, insurance companies and investors…yada…yada…every scintilla of proof of guilt should be meticulously and thoroughly vetted and reported to the American people.

Scream it from the rooftops.

America’s voting majority needs a president.