Politicizing Physics


Newton’s Third Law: Revised.

“For every Faction, there is an equal and opposite Re-Faction.

“If Faction A exerts a force on Faction B, then Faction B must exert a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction back on Faction A.”

Translated into Political reality: Faction T Rump Vs Faction Bernie.


The voting public is as polarized today as the politicians they elect.

Surprised?  I doubt it.


It’s the size of these opposing forces, or factions, that is surprising.


On the right is T Rump’s base.

Mostly white.  Mostly racist. Resentful and prone to hate.

They’ve suffered through eight years of a Black President and, in their view, an equally insufferable trend toward more federally funded entitlement programs.

They feel ignored and alienated by their government and focus their antipathies on those the government embraces and favors with their give-away programs.

They’re reconciled to supporting a lying tyrant.
Anger fuels the enmity of many.


Opposite this faction, on the left, is Bernie’s base. It consists of people of all races and colors.  They favor government subsidies for healthcare, education, food, as well as job and retirement security.

They’ve invested their hopes in a confessed democratic socialist.

Fear is the dominant response of most to an increasingly hostile political environment.

Both factions support lower taxes on individuals and higher taxes on corporations.

Each base represents about a third of the electorate leaving a third stranded in the middle.


Each extreme marches behind their adored leader while the middle has many offspring; too many to form a cohesive political force.

Unless things change, we’re destined to experience an incendiary clash of two opposite and opposing forces.


It’s like mixing nitric acid with hydrazine.


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