Try it at your own risk.   Word Count:  144
There’s a new kind of fruit cake called an “Orange Hyperbole,” that’s been served in heaping helpings in Saudi Arabia and Israel.  The Pope is on record saying he thinks this concoction is for heretics only and will refuse to take a bite regardless of the circumstance.  The Pope is convinced the fruit cake is filled with “FuFu Dust” that paralyzes that part of your brain that controls reason and common sense.  It dulls all your senses while allowing you to speak calmly when reading a teleprompter.  Those who indulge are rendered insensate, act robotically, and are left with a limited vocabulary consisting of words and expressions such as, “fantastic”, “the biggest”, “the most”, “nothing like it in history”, “incredible”…addicts can be easily identified by the orange tint in their complexion, a tendency to sniff when lying and their extraordinarily small hands.