Word Count:  395

 Open Letter to Vladimir Putin

Dear Mr. Putin, Do you really need to waste time and money putting together a Psychological Profile of our so-called President otherwise known in your intelligence circles as “Agent Orange?” What is it you and your minions have not heard or seen that prompts you to take this extra and, in my view, unnecessary step?

Let me remind you. We all know from the Access Hollywood tape that Agent Orange considers sexual assault something women want (especially from him). 

Diagnosis: A Criminal and dangerous Misogynist.

We know he considers Hispanics prone to rape and murder and that Muslims should be banned from entering our country. 

Diagnosis: A dangerous Xenophobe.

When asked, “Who is your go-to person when you need personal advice or confidential counsel?” He answered, “Me!”

Diagnosis: A dangerous, titanic Narcissist.

You know he’s not a slave to the truth and lives in an alternate universe defined by alternative facts and populated with sycophants.

Diagnosis: A dangerous, inveterate Liar.

 Agent Orange is consistently vulnerable to flattery and personal praise.

Diagnosis: A dangerous, predictable Narcissist.

He refuses to release his financial statements for fear two damaging reveals would occur: (1) He’s not as wealthy as he claims to be and (2) He has extensive financial interests, aka conflicts of interest, in countries key to our national interests.

Diagnosis:  A dangerous Defrauder and Cheat.

We don’t know exactly how much money the Trump organization is making from their Russian investments, but Agent Orange claims he has no financial interests whatsoever in Russia and his oldest son Don Junior, reports Trump, Inc., earns more money from their Russian investments than any other country. 

Diagnosis: A dangerous Liar and Violator of Article 1, Section 9 of our Constitution.

He also hates our free press and independent judiciary and is unashamed making inflammatory, public statements to that effect.

Diagnosis: A dangerous Autocrat.

He admits to never having read a book because “it’s a waste of time.”

Diagnosis: An incurious Narcissist and dangerous Moron.

That’s just a snapshot of president Trump.

His observable characteristics are undeniable.         

Mr. Putin, please compare these traits to what your sources have observed:  He’s Unbalanced.  Unpredictable.  Hateful.  Amoral.  Bombastic.  Untruthful. Dictatorial.  Petulant. Extroverted. Impetuous.

Add this up and your Psychological Profile’s Executive Summary should read, “Comrade Trump, aka Agent Orange, is a perfect foil.  Keep conversations simple and manipulate through flattery. He’s our best-placed asset, ever.”