MyTyrant:  Seeking Acceptance

What does it take to join a Private Club?  Unless you live on a military base, membership in a (civilian) Private Club is exclusive, very exclusive.  It’s reserved for a privileged few and made more extraordinary by the high cost to join.
The world’s most elite Private Club, MyTyrant, has on its membership committee, Kim Jung Un, Recep Erdogan and Vladimir Putin and now they have one more to consider:  A newcomer eager to make the grade and do whatever it takes to be accepted.
T Rump, aka “The Don”, brings an impressive resume to the table:  Money laundering for the mafia, assaulting women, favoring Neo-Nazis, arresting asylum seekers and jailing their infant children…exactly the kinds of accomplishments MyTyrant values and encourages among its voracious, rapacious and morally vapid membership.
The jury is out but, given The Don has no problem tampering with the jury via personal visits and unctuous praise, who knows?