Mueller’s Slippery Slide

TRump’s a threat to national security and Mueller has the evidence.  TRump is a pathological criminal and serial adulterer and Mueller has the evidence.  TRump is a shameless traitor who salutes the hammer and cycle, not the Stars and Stripes, and Mueller knows it.

The totality of these facts creates a truth so monumental in scope the public will have trouble handling it.

Therefore…Mueller has a strategy aimed at softening public opinion over time.  It’s a “slippery slide” strategy; like a snowball it begins small and continues to grow until it reaches finality.  Mueller is releasing digestible tidbits now rather that unmanageable mouthfuls all at once.

The NYT cover story about the FBI’s investigation of TRump, a sitting president, being a witting Russian operative is just the beginning.  As it starts it’s slippery descent, this troubling revelation is the equivalent of an hors d’oeuvres that whets the public’s appetite for a buffet of incriminating evidence yet to come; evidence that proves beyond any doubt TRump is a deplorable low-life.  A life-long criminal.  A damnable traitor.

The majority of Americans need an American President.  Now!