Majority America Needs a President

Minority America has its president:  T Rump.

Minority Americans are connected by common threads of hate, fear and lies and their intrepid leader has woven these threads into a hideous patchwork that screams gothic horror.

It’s time for Majority America to elect its president.  Not a nationalist or isolationist, but a globalist.  Not a white supremacist or xenophobic, but a human rights advocate.  Not a member of the Billionaire Boys Club and supporter of kleptocracy, but a defender of fair play and democracy.  Not one who stokes uncivil behavior and hitting back harder, but a paragon of civility.

Not a monger of hate and fear.

Not an endless font of lies and alternative facts.

Not an unevolved Cretan.

Majority Americans need a decent human being to lead the way.

Male or female.  Any skin color.  Political party affiliation optional.  Let the majority decide.

What do we do with Minority Americans?

Give them what they want:  Build a wall around them.