Lord Acton Vindicated

“Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Lord Acton made this observation in the late nineteenth century understanding full well the important role power plays in establishing and maintaining order in society.

Acton was a curious mix of historian and moralist.  He had a conscientious and unyielding view that human liberty was inextricably bound to one’s conscience; to one’s self-worth; one’s right to be free to pursue an enlightened, purposeful life.
Absolute power destroys all of this he believed.  Liberty is denied.  Freedom transmogrifies into subservience.  Human dignity is devalued, disrespected before it’s ultimately destroyed.
This leads me to where America’s leader is heading in terms of his view of executive power outweighing legislative power…Executive power overruling judicial power.  The executive’s utter disrespect for women, people of color and anyone articulating an opposing or critical view of the executive.
The executives’ obeisance to authoritarian’s and his specious deference to absolute authority is manifest as is his disdain of the fourth estate tarring it as “the enemy of the people.”
Corrupt.  Look it up.  The definition of corrupt captures the essence of our current president: “Having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.”
Add to this the fact that our president uses his “executive powers” and dictums to ban Muslims from entering America, cage asylum seekers at our borders, separate infant children from their young mothers, put innocent government workers and contractors out of work, order our military to the southern border authorizing them to use lethal force if necessary…these are just a few actions taken by our commander in chief aimed at stripping people of their freedom, their liberty and ultimately their human dignity.
This is what absolute power looks like when exercised by a corrupt, psychopathic narcissist who views his power as limitless and unassailable.
Lord Acton had a cynical, albeit educated, view of persons in power branding them all as bad people.
If he were alive today, not only would he feel sorrowfully vindicated, but he may wish to revise his earlier observation in light of our current person in power.  It would not be implausible for Acton to observe, “The corrupt should be denied power.  The absolutely corrupt should be denied power absolutely.”
America’s voting majority deserves a legitimate president.
America’s Congress owes it to their electorate to assert their moral authority and purge the executive branch of its cruel and unusual President; to restore the balance in the balance of power between our three branches of government; to end the uncivil war between our two major political parties and usher in a new era of partisan civility and collegiality; to prevent hostile nation states from interfering in our elections and extending their global hegemony to include our vulnerable democracy; to establish The Golden Rule as the standard by which all public policy will be judged…
…this is just the start of what needs to be the remaking of America.


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