Liar’s Virus


Another new viral contagion that affects anyone who hears what T Rump says and refuses to challenge its veracity.

From what I’ve learned empirically is at least 15,000 lies have to be told before the virus takes hold and creates a potentially lethal problem.


Here are the symptoms:

When asked if you are worried about the corona virus you reply, “No.”

When asked why, you reply , “It’s a Democratic hoax.”

You refuse to take any precautions arguing, “T Rump has it been under control.”

You look forward to your upcoming cruise boasting “This will go away as soon as we cruise into warmer temperatures.”

When warned about visiting the nursing home to see your great aunt, you argue, “Why not?  I’m feeling fine.”

When the NCAA decided to cancel it’s annual men’s basketball tournament, Broadway shuttered shows, the NBA canceled the balance of their season, Professional baseball suspended spring training and delayed opening day, major meetings and regional festivals were canceled, etc., you were incensed.


You said “I’m feeling fine and the president said I could go out and even go to work. He said it’s a hoax. It’s under control.  Chances are remote it will affect me and, if it did, I would get over it quickly.  So what’s all the fuss about?”


These are classic symptoms of someone infected with “Liar’s Virus.”

Beware of associating with its victims.  They have nothing helpful, healthful or intellectually beneficial to offer.

Bad news:  Liar’s Virus is deadly.

Good News: It’s contained.  It affects only T Rump believers and they represent a minority of American voters.


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