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Dear Orpheum Ticket Manager:

The Skinny On Orpheum Theater Seats

My wife and I were excited about purchasing season tickets for this year’s schedule of outstanding events.  The inaugural performance was Phantom of theOperawhich we saw (in part) yesterday.

I have an aisle seat and my wife has the second seat from the aisle.Unfortunately, the person having a ticket next to my wife is too large to fit into a single seat. 

As you must know, the leg and girth room of each seat is limited; in fact, it’s a tight fit for normal sized people let alone a behemoth.  At the entr’acte, we decided to forfeit our rights to view the second act and retreated to the comfort of our home, allowing the elephant in the room to win.

We paid $1431 for two season tickets and have access to one seat and a portion of the other. 

If it’s your opinion that a ticket entitles you to claim a seat even though you can’t sit in it, then I wish to have a refund. 

If it’s your opinion that obesity in others is our cross to bear, then I wish to have a refund.

If it’s your opinion that this is a simple case of “tough luck, sucker!!!”, then I wish to have a refund.

All I seek is fairness.  If I purchase a ticket, then I have temporary and limited ownership rights to my assigned seat and its associated “space” for whatever the intended purpose.  Trespass, or the wrongful use of property, should be prohibited and the property rights of ticket holders should be sacrosanct, defensible and protected.

If you disagree or if you are helpless to remedy an obvious and damaging wrong, then I wishto have a refund.