The Road to Citizenship.

Illegal Immigrants (Trespassers) > Resident Guests > US Citizens
Let’s face it, the official employment policy of the Mexican government can be summed up in one sentence: If you want a good paying job you need to head north and sneak into America.


The fact that our borders are as impenetrable as crepe paper is our fault; moreover, it’s impossible to discern the intentions of the thousands who cross these borders illegally every month not to mention the millions who preceded them over the past decades.
Okay, so what can we do?


First we must accept our failures.

Second, learn from them.

Third, craft a realistic solution we can manage.


A big part of the solution is administrative…chasing down and registering all non-citizens, identifying their address, assigning them the status of Resident Guest, insisting that each have a Citizen Guardian who has several duties including keeping track of their Resident Guests physical whereabouts.  Citizen Guardians can be a family member, friend, Church, employer, any one or thing having a tax ID number.  Each Resident Guest will be given a special ID card and issued a supplemental social security number they can use when cashing a check, buying insurance and when paying their taxes to the US Treasury.

A second part of the solution is economic…require all Resident Guests to file annual 10-40 tax forms which will include a progressive Guest Tax on their gross income over and above the normal tax rates that are levied against bona fide US citizens.
And yes, part of the solution is diplomatic….but I seriously doubt that any Mexican politician in today’s environment will find it popular to cooperate more with the US in stepping up the policing of their side of the border.  The Resident Guest program should be more appealing to our Mexican amigos and cooperation more likely.  Securing our borders from both sides doubles our chances for immediate as well as long-term success.

Economic determinism is the central impetus for aliens to migrate to America, and has been for centuries, unfortunately, most sneak into America illegally.  These poor souls want money and are willing to do most anything to get it.  Many will earn money honestly while others will steal it outright while nearly all of them are guilty of theft by default since they pay little to nothing to access our health care system and other social services.  Everything from our highways to public toilets come at a dear price to those of us who pay for them with our tax, insurance and personal dollars.


Since money is the root of this particular evil, the only policy to resolve it must embrace a monetary quid pro quo.

Today, we host more than 12 million so-called illegal immigrants, more aptly called Trespassers and qualified Residents Guests, and most are working and earning some level of income.
Let’s identify them…assign them to a Citizen Guardian and tax the devil out of them so they learn first hand that our FREE enterprise and democratic political systems come at a price.
That’s fair.

As I see it, they can “earn” full citizenship and shed their Resident Guest status through tax contributions, good behavior AND tenure in this country.  If any one is arrested and charged with a felony, and I would add driving without liability insurance to the list of felony crimes, it would result in the immediate revocation of their Resident Guest status and deportation back to their home country. For the vast majority who behave well, I say they can take the standard citizenship test once they’ve contributed $50K into the US Treasury via the IRS, or consistently paid their income and Guest taxes for ten years, whichever comes first.

On the side of positive behavior, those who speak English, serve in our military or earn advance degrees or serve as public servants like fire fighters or police officers, they would earn credits that would shorten their qualifying period.  For example, all who earn a PhD at an American University would qualify for citizenship on the day of graduation.

This policy would apply to all non-citizens, not just Mexicans.

I think the term Resident Guest isn’t insulting and gives this unique class of people a certain status they can use as a springboard to earn full citizenship.
Assigning a Citizen Guardian, a bona fide Big Brother, puts pressure on the existing citizenry to share in the responsibility of overseeing our Resident Guests.  They can help shepherd, monitor, mentor, cajole, discipline, scold, steer, prod, advise; whatever it takes to keep their assigned Guests between the ditches and on the road to full citizenship.

There are other administrative details best left to bureaucrats,  but I offer this as a starting point.  It isn’t THE Solution, but offers elements needed in crafting a workable, sustainable and fair solution.


That’s my two cents.

I would expect a healthy number of Guests will tire of paying taxes as well as being on a leash and will opt to go back home or to some other distant place.  I don’t care.

Pay. Behave. Stay.
Pay more.  Continue to Behave.  Stay longer.
Pay enough.  Continue to Behave.  Welcome to your new home.

Harry Herget


Jonesboro, AR  72404