“At Least He’s Not Hillary”

I’ve had it!

I can give voice to my frustration since I supported T. Rump early in his candidacy only to jump ship when he proved, beyond any doubt, that he’s an immoral, despicable human being.  Personal character trumps a person’s politics in my world.

  1. Rump, on his own, borrowing from his often-publicized declaration, “Only I can do it”, has done it: He’s created a new bottom for the definition of the word deplorable.

Since my defection two years ago, I’ve had to suffer the same opinion from friends, family and associates whose defense of T. Rump lost its allure and validity long before he became the Republican presidential nominee.

Key the chorus:  “At least he’s not Hillary.”

That’s it.

With this one, moronic fumigant, T. Rump supporters deodorize his public use of vulgarities, sexist and racist diatribes, pathological lying and psychopathic narcissism all because of one, blanket pardon, “At least he’s not Hillary.”

Turning the reins of our country over to a person who knows nothing; who boasts that “I’ve never read a book,”; who shuns reading the DPB, Daily Presidential Brief; who has been described by his own key advisors and cabinet members as a “moron”, this all adds up to fake news and doesn’t matter because, “At least he’s not Hillary.”

When the man who occupies the Oval Office brags about assaulting women, who can’t escape the darkening shadow cast by a lifetime of debauchery and sexual misconduct, he deserves a mulligan because, “At least he’s not Hillary”.

When our president wants to be a Tsar and deliberately undermines the importance of our “so-called” legislative and judicial branches, along with demeaning our free press, he’s just being sarcastic don’t you think?…anyway, “At least he’s not Hillary.”

When America’s greatest, global enemy and its dictator can do and say whatever they want to bring harm to our fragile democratic system and our president takes the breathtaking position of being on their side, who really gives a damn, because, “At least he’s not Hillary.”

When our president treats the truth as a foreign language he doesn’t recognize and, following the massacre in Parkland, Florida, he invites survivors of several mass murders to visit him at the White House and articulate their shared agony as well as ideas on how to mitigate these horrors from happening in the future, our president sat thee feigning interest, then proceeded to lie to their faces about his position on the NRA and gun control, but who’s listening?, “At least he’s not Hillary.”

OK, you and I don’t have time to plow through his Sears Catalogue of abuses, transgressions and downright villainy, but today I feel like I live in a country much of which is alien to me.  My parents were paragons of virtue.  If my father ever told a lie, his head would’ve exploded.

Now I live in foreign country.  One that is led by a man who sits atop the pantheon of liars spewing hate and garbage to an adoring and steadfast constituency of people I would prefer not knowing.

Character trumps politics.  If that’s a minority opinion, heaven forbid.