Killer Mitch

I don’t argue with the monikers, “Moscow Mitch” or “The Grim Reaper”, but I favor more fulsomely Mitch McConnell’s most deserved nickname: “Killer Mitch.”
One documented and now prescient definition of the Senate, derived from the Constitutional formula requiring only one third of six-year termed Senators be subject to re-election every two years, is “the House that never dies.”
The Senate is dead.  Murdered.
Thanks to “Killer Mitch.”
…Do his fellow Republicans tolerate his obstruction of the Democratic process by killing all legislation?
…Do Patriotic Kentuckians find him desirable, even electable?

…Do all Americans fail to rise up (like me) to challenge McConnell’s traitorous behavior?

The body politic has been murdered.

Mitch McConnell is a killer.  His prints, DNA and public statements remove ALL DOUBT!

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