Inverted Power

Abraham Maslow made history in the mid twentieth century with the promulgation of his motivational theory. He articulated it in a five-tiered, pyramid shaped model, his “Hierarchy of Needs.”
From the bottom up, each tier evolves into the next, from lower, wider spread deficiency needs—-psychological, safety, love and belonging—-to the uppermost growth tier he described as “self-actualization”.
Three quarters of a century have passed since Maslow’s motivational theory was popularized and now, in the first quadrant of the twenty-first century, another hierarchy has emerged.
It doesn’t reveal motivational or psychological precepts; however, it borrows Maslow’s pyramid scheme, except it’s upside down; an inverted pyramid.

This upside down pyramid illuminates the evolution of power from a single point of Autocratic authority to an eventual, broad base of publicly determined, Democratic power.
We begin with Autocracy where society is governed by one person with absolute power.
Democratic Dictatorships come next as we move up the inverted pyramid.
Democratic Dictatorships evolve into Representative Democracies and eventually lead to the widest tier of the pyramid, Social Democracies.
Evolution from one tier to the next, from narrow autocratic to broad-based democratic forms of governance, takes generations, sometimes centuries to achieve.
To devolve from a higher level of development to a lower, more primitive form of government can occur almost overnight.
Trumpism is the clearest most profound example of Democracy in decline.
It’s not partisan, i.e., Democratic or Republican; instead, it relies on the destructive nature of hyper-partisan, tribal values.

Trumpism has changed the fundamental elements of America’s representative democracy and proved beyond any doubt how quickly dystopian values can overwhelm evolved values; moreover, it uncovers a significant constituency of so-called Americans who are unenlightened and eager to accept a world governed by an unrefined, medieval leader.
Why is this?
For years our two-party political system has produced little to nothing to benefit the average American.  The “little” they’ve done has been in service to special interests…Corporations… Elites.

It’s no wonder people feel disenfranchised, angry, like strangers in their own country.  The time has come, in their view, to “shake things up”.  If that means supporting a non-traditional, anti-establishment psychopathic narcissist, so be it.

Trumpism was inevitable.  It’s based on an amoral, vapid, unempathetic, mean-spirited value system.
We got, not what we deserved but, what we wanted.
I get it.
To add insult to infamy, social media and mind-controlling electronic devices have combined to influence a younger segment of the population toward self-absorption, narcissism and continued tribalism.  This is additional evidence of our devolution into a post intellectual, unengaged America.

In other words, a recipe for disaster.

And that’s our heart-breaking future.