Human Luminal

I’ve lived my life in the dark.  I’m surrounded by people I can see.  People I thought I knew.  Not just people close to me, but my fellow Americans everywhere.

Then along comes Donald T Rump.  He’s the human equivalent of luminal, a chemical used by crime scene investigators to highlight blood stains that are otherwise undetectable to the naked eye.  It’s used most often in capital crime cases; murder to be specific.

T Rump has succeeded in illuminating personal characteristics that were undetectable until he entered politics three years ago.  He has brought to light a side of the American character I’ve wondered about, but never seen more clearly, more pervasively and more disturbingly than I do today.

He’s brought to light an alarming tendency among my fellow Americans toward white supremacy, hyper-nationalism and more.
There’s nothing joyful about a crime scene just as there’s nothing redeeming in ugliness.  Unmitigated ugliness.”