His Mouth Runneth Over

On Sunday, when T. Rump dedicated the President’s Cup golf trophy to Puerto Rico, it was an act of pure altruism.  Thoughtfulness.  And oh…it was so timely and appropriate.

After four days of competition at the spectacular Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, NJ, with New York’s skyline looming magnificently in the background, the Americans destroyed their International competition.

These same four days were not the same for fellow Americans far south of Jersey City in the US Territory of Puerto Rico.  Instead of magnificence, splendor and comfort, 3.5 million Americans spent four more days living the apocalypse, surrounded by darkness, oppressive heat, dangerous debris, filth, disease and the rotten stench of death.  Safe water and food are virtually non-existent to most.

Eight days and counting.

So when T. Rump appeared at the mic on Sunday, surrounded by a proud and victorious American golf squad with the President’s Cup in their grasp, he chose to dedicate the moment to Puerto Ricans and their suffering.

Picture this…thousands and thousands of sick and desperate people, using non-existent generators, powered by non-existent fuel, sitting in their non-existent living rooms, watching their non-existent TV’s having nothing better to do in their soon to be non-existent lives, witness their much too real president dedicate a golf trophy to them in recognition of their plight.  How touching.

Mixing the joy of a much-heralded sporting victory with the agony of a growing human disaster is the work of only one kind of person.