Ethically Strong


“Trump” is synonymous with “Corrupt”.

I don’t have the time to count the ways.  Suffice it to say, the president thumbs his nose at legal boundaries, social norms, constitutional proscriptions, international protocols, political proprieties, and the list of his ethically challenged behavior goes on like a Clinton State-of-the-Union address.


It’s become crystal clear that T Rump is incapable of acting beyond the threshold of what’s best for him.  Empathy be damned.

Selflessness is an alien trait, incompatible with the FBI’s two-word profile of his core personality: “Psychopathic Narcissist.”


In a world defined by rampant, unrestrained gun violence he responds with specious indifference as does his Senate controlled majority.

Climate change is threatening our very existence and he dismisses it as a hoax while issuing a barrage of Executive Orders to dismantle virtually all environment protections affecting the quality of air, water and wildlife.

Deadly addictions to narcotic-laced pain medications have been joined by an alarming number of e-cigarette users who are discovering that death is an early and growing side-effect of these nicotine delivery devices.

If matters couldn’t get worse, T Rump sinks lower by constantly and systematically dismantling our fragile Democracy by demonizing the free press, threatening critics in his own party with political annihilation and contemplating imprisoning his harshest critics and political opponents.

That’s the bad news.

Good news:  America is stronger than its wannabe tyrant and its strength of character is manifest in how corporate America is ignoring our do-nothing Congress and corrupt president and valuing common sense and ethical standards as its governing principles.

Dick’s Sporting goods and Wal-Mart have halted the sale of military-style semi-automatic rifles like AR-15’s and gun manufacturer Colt has ended production of AR-15’s for consumers.

The Paris Agreement (Accord in French), focuses on mitigating the climate effects of green-house gas emissions.  It was originally signed by 196 nation states.  Obama-hater T Rump withdrew America from this Obama supported initiative soon after taking office, but the remaining 195 nations have remained steadfast and continued their support; moreover, seventeen of America’s largest corporations, including IBM, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Shell, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, have signed on to continue working within the guidelines of the Accords regardless of T Rump’s petulance.  Praise be to the enlightened leaders of these companies and their pursuit of climate responsible and sensitive behavior.

T Rumps plans to relax fuel economy and green house gas emission standards for American automakers was rebuffed by Ford, BMW, Honda and Volkswagon who sell about 30% of all vehicles in the U.S.  We should salute these right-minded companies especially in light of T Rump’s threats to punish them for what he deems “disloyal” behavior.

MedicineSafe has been launched jointly by the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids with the aim of providing the tools and expert guidance to deal safely with prescription drugs and opioid addictions.  Kudos to these and the dozens of other public and private organizations that have stepped up and joined in the battle to defeat this misery-laden scourge.  Wal-Mart has acted ahead of our decision-challenged Congress and stopped selling e-cigarettes in all its U.S. based Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations.  We salute Wal-Mart for what we hope is a domino-like response from other retailers of vaping devices and paraphernalia.

The Fourth Estate, which Comrade T Rump has demonized calling it “the enemy of the people”, remains America’s bulwark against tyranny and the creeping diminution of our legislative process.

What our founding fathers have constitutionally created, T Rump has put asunder.  The presidential election in 2020 will be a test, possibly the last, of the durability of our democracy, its three branches of government, our system of checks and balances, the relevance of our Constitution, the value of  presidential probity and, ultimately, whether America is a nation of laws or of one man.

If ethics prevail, America endures.

America’s voting majority deserves a legitimate, law-abiding, Constitutionally devoted President.


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