Era of Empowered Grievances

When pressure reaches a certain point, it needs venting or it will cause an explosion; an event that could have lethal consequences.
America is home to a vast patchwork of constituencies that have defining grievances but, for the most part, they’ve harbored their grievances in silence.
They’ve lived lives of quiet bitterness.
Who are (correction, were) these silent Americans?

White Americans who believe in the superiority of their race.
Americans who believe in nationalism and shun globalism.
Men who believe in the superiority of their sex.
Successful Americans who resent those with economic entitlements.
Americans who decry government encroachment in their lives and want it to go away.
Religious absolutists who want government to legislate their moral agenda.
Americans who are ignorant of our Constitution and favor an all powerful Executive.
Vapid Americans who are incapable of coping with challenging ideas and just want to be entertained.
Americans who use their politics as a power tool to antagonize and hurt others as well as a cudgel against those who represent the source of their grievance and they’re afraid to confront.

Then along comes T Rump giving voice to each of these constituencies.
Welcome to the Era of Empowered Grievances.
And grievance is the mother of hate.


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