Eighth Deadly Sin

I’m eternally grateful I didn’t grow up in T Rump’s America.

What I’ve seen since I ended my support of T Rump only reinforces my decision to place immutable principles above malleable politics.

Transgressions abound in T Rump world.

The cumulative effect from before and after his election are harmful to our evolution as a civilized people.

For those who identify as “Christian”, you recognize and abide the seven deadly sins.

Pride is the Mother of all sins.  More than any other, Pride provides a clear and convincing indictment of T Rump’s excessive belief in his own abilities…”I alone can fix the system…I make all decisions….”

What extraordinary and breathtaking vanity.

Envy helps explain T Rump’s consistent desire to be more like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, and other tyrants.  He’s an inveterate, wannabe despot.

Gluttony helps us understand his excessive appetite for power; unbridled power that enables him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Putin and Kim and showcase his power via public displays, even parades, of military power.

Lust has never vacated T Rump’s prurient self.  He’s a chronic sexual predator who believes women want him to violate their person.  A clear and disturbing conflation of Lust, Gluttony and psychopathic Pride.

Anger is inadequate to describe T Rump’s enmity toward any detractor; retribution is his, especially as it applies to his critics and political opponents. “If you hit me, I’ll hit you back twice as hard.”

“Lock her up”, continues to reverberate throughout his political rallies even though it’s passé and has no civilized meaning.

Greed completes T Rump.  Desiring material gain and ignoring Constitutional emoluments restraints, are his modus operandi.  His covetousness of material wealth is part of his DNA.

Sloth clearly and convincingly describes his avoidance of spiritual commitment and identity.

He’s a godless person.

Let’s sum up.

We all sin.

It boils down to proportion, self-acknowledgement, personal restraint and heartfelt atonement.

Sadly, the seven deadly sins, at their absolute fullest, fall short of defining T Rump and the vileness of his core character.

Sinfulness, as we understand it, is not enough.

Something is missing.

The Eighth Deadly Sin:


Excessiveness in all sins.  Unrestrained, extravagant sinfulness.

TRUMP elevates each Deadly Sin to a level beyond deadly.

It’s time to reclaim our values and our country.

It’s time to put sin and sinfulness in its place.

Somewhere far away from the Oval Office.

### 30 ###