T Rump’s base is an interesting, albeit insensitive, amalgam of Americans.

His female supporters know he’s a serial, sexual predator and misogynist, but don’t care.

His military supporters know he’s a coward and draft dodger, but don’t care.

Reasonable, well-educated supporters know he lies at a Guinness Book of Records’ pace, but don’t care.

Reasonable, educated supporters know he’s an un-convicted felon, but don’t care.

Anti-establishment supporters know he’s pro establishment, but don’t care.

Avid supporters know he favors the claims of tyrants and dictators over the learned counsel of his own, American, advisors, but don’t care.

Fans of building his infamous wall and the promise that Mexico will pay for it know it’s all a ruse, just grandstanding, but don’t care.

Republican supporters know he’s a life-long Democrat, not a Republican, but don’t care.

Republican supporters know he favors autocracy over democracy, but don’t care.

Loyal supporters know he believes the media is treasonous, the enemy of the people, but don’t care.
Anti-abortion advocates know he’s never been an advocate against abortion, but don’t care.

Supporters of the Constitution know he violates the emoluments clause every day, but don’t care.

Parents know he’s ripped infants from their mother’s arms and confined children in cages, but don’t care.

Fans of the reality TV star know his rhetoric, whether spoken or tweeted, is divisive and engenders support from white supremacy groups including the Proud Boys, the Klan and Neo-Nazis, but don’t care.

Investment Advisors who support him know his mammoth reversal of fortunes resulted from bank fraud, insurance fraud and widespread money laundering for Russian oligarchs, but don’t care.

Reasonable, educated supporters know he endorses retribution, punishing and imprisoning his political opponents, but don’t care.
Business professionals know he’s a record-setting business failure, one of the biggest in American history, but don’t care.

Reasonable, educated supporters know he’s a racist and xenophobe, but don’t care.

Indifference is a form of tacit approval; in other words, “I agree with his words and actions.  He’s just like me.”


Apathy is the mother of social, political, economic and cultural collapse.  It’s avarice without an appetite and every bit as sinful.


This country was made great by brave people; patriots willing to engage and confront the fight for our sovereignty…by law-abiding people who respect and live within the law and who believe in the promise of democracy…by fair-minded, compassionate people who value equality among all peoples and who diligently strive to make it a reality…by honor-bound people who believe that truth is immutable and endures even when subverted, distorted and ignored…by futurists who treasure our liberty and are careful not to favor Charlatans, wannabe dictators, and a return to Monarchy.

The time for indifference is over.

It’s time to give a damn.