Democrats Can’t Win


Neither can Republicans.

What makes the 2020 presidential election more intriguing than previous elections is that neither party can win.  Each party has a fatal flaw it cannot escape.

Republicans have an implacable and insurmountable defect in the person of their candidate: T Rump.

Democrats face a different but equally ruinous impediment: Themselves.

T Rump is a ticking time bomb while the Democrats are self-destructive.

Here’s the catch:  Neither party can win, but one will certainly manage to lose.

T Rump is the cynosure of the Republican Party.  Since he insists that he alone knows best about how to do everything, his unbridled narcissism translates as a double-edged sword.  If T Rump fails to rein in his obsessions to attack, to antagonize, to rail, to rant, to demean, to lie, to hate, to harm…he’ll die on that sword; moreover, he’ll own the “Loser’s Circle” outright.

Democrats can overtake T Rump to the “Loser’s Circle” if they continue to ignore political realities in 2020; realties that were made clear by the results of the 2016 election.  These political realities are cold-hearted and unyielding and will not be swayed by rhetorical platitudes on the virtues of diversity, progressive policies and the wonderfulness of being the purveyors of the “Big Tent Party”.

I don’t agree with the dictates of these realities, but I do recognize their practicality and the exigent need in shaping current political strategy.

The rhetorical “Big Tent” might as well be a circus tent with its diverse amalgam of constituencies rife with contradictions, inconsistencies and incongruities.  These differences add up to political disaster thanks to the absence of commonality in purpose and direction; moreover, they undermine much needed synergies associated with voters’ commitment and turnout.

Democrats need a candidate who will maintain their key positions on healthcare, infrastructure improvements and immigration reform in addition to their historic strength among minorities, labor, young and old, GLBT community, i.e., their appeal to middle-class, main street Americans.

Democrats also need a candidate who can peel away important segments of T Rumps trusted “Base”; not those identified with the extremist fringe, but more moderate white males and females as well as the chronically disaffected who have yet to find an advocate for their seemingly lost causes.

Bottom Line:  We know T Rump will be the Republican candidate.  If campaign handlers don’t keep a dog muzzle and a tranquilizer gun handy at all times, they’ll live to regret it.

Democrats have to get over themselves and GET REAL!  When selecting their nominee, they need to act strategically.  Currently, there are no more than four, maybe only two, announced Democratic presidential candidates who can survive against T Rump and avoid the “Loser’s Circle”; importantly, those not included in this small fraternity know who they are.  All of these outliers need to drop out NOW in the name of party unity and the simple fact they’re detractors, they’re devouring valuable campaign funds and, in the end, they can’t win.

If they persist in fracturing the Democratic Party, T Rump can extend his “Executive Time” to his presidential campaign, get comfortable before his TV set, pour himself a diet coke, and witness the political equivalence of the Notre Dame fire.


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