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Bucks Gone Wild

Bucks Gone Wild   “The Buck Stops Here” appeared on a small desk display in the Oval Office when Harry Truman was President. Donald T Rump deserves a similar plaque for his desk and I can’t decide between two obvious, not to...

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Killer Mitch

Killer Mitch I don’t argue with the monikers, “Moscow Mitch” or “The Grim Reaper”, but I favor more fulsomely Mitch McConnell’s most deserved nickname: “Killer Mitch.” Why? One documented and now prescient definition of the...

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Skin In The Fight

Skin in the Fight Skin in the Fight One small step for fairness. One giant leap for peace. As oil tankers are torpedoed in the Gulf of Oman and America’s intelligence sources point to Iran as the provocateur, tensions intensify...

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A Day At The Races

A Day At The Races I don’t think Joe Biden is running for President. He’s committed to defeating T Rump in the 2020 elections, and that ultimate outcome is clearly in his sights. If he were the only Democrat who could defeat T...

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Strategic Imperative

Strategic Imperative All this talk of impeaching President T Rump is premature. The Dems should follow T Rumps example and put the 2020 elections first and their impulse to impeach second. We’re seventeen months from Election...

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