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In The Time of COVID

In The Time of COVID   My wife and I were ahead of the curve.  We sheltered in place in late February knowing full well that an invisible, viral contagion would attack anyone, anywhere at any time; moreover, it’s lethal...

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Brave New World

  Brave New World 11:07 AM (0 minutes ago)   Every generation has a “moment” that changes their world, redefines their priorities, threatens their very existence and creates a disturbing disconnect between what was and...

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King Quid

King Quid He won’t let it go. It’s part of who he is. King Quid continues his practice of insisting on trade-offs from states desperate for federal help. He uses the prime time news hour to convene the daily gatherings of his...

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Selective Justice

Selective Justice I was willing to cut Chief Justice Roberts some slack for remaining silent when T Rump assailed (Federal) District Judge Gonzalo Curiel for being “Mexican”.  Per Trump, the appearance of being from Mexico...

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Politicizing Physics

Politicizing Physics   Newton’s Third Law: Revised. “For every Faction, there is an equal and opposite Re-Faction. “If Faction A exerts a force on Faction B, then Faction B must exert a force of equal magnitude and opposite...

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