Bucks Gone Wild


“The Buck Stops Here” appeared on a small desk display in the Oval Office when Harry Truman was President.

Donald T Rump deserves a similar plaque for his desk and I can’t decide between two obvious, not to mention, appropriate slogans:

“All Pro Buck Passer”, or

“The Buck Starts Here”.

What do you think? 

Step back and think about who T Rump best emulates. 

He’s more Harry Houdini than Harry Truman.

Shackling then submerging T Rump into a water-filled tank creates a delightful if not tempting image, but he’d figure a way out.

Put him in a straightjacket.

Subject him to the fiendish Chinese water torture.

Nirvana can’t compare to the ecstasy these outcomes would produce.

But, I’m still flummoxed.

My engraver is out of patience and needs a T Rump slogan…Now!

Suddenly the confluence of T Rump’s quixotic tweets as they relate to his allegiance to the NRA crosses my mind and I settle on:

“Biggest Bang for the Buck!”

Bottom Line:  If we don’t buck T Rump in 2020, America is BUCKED!

America’s voting majority deserves a legitimate President.


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