Being Conscientious


Thanks to T Rump, I’m a member of a new constituency of voters:  The Conscientious Party.
Yes, my wife and I have voted for Democrats in the past.  Rarely.
We’ve also voted for Independents.  Rarer still. We believe in smaller government.  Fiscal restraint.  A strong military.
Socialism to us is a toxic mix of fantasyland and Russian roulette.   It starts out as a wild, hedonistic party that ends tragically in the ride home with a drunk behind the wheel.
We’re Capitalists.
Yes, we’d like to see the ever-growing travesty created by the mountain of student debt mitigated and eventually resolved; moreover, there exists a solution.  A plausible Capitalist solution.
The challenges of public health care present another daunting challenge, but there’s a promising solution here as well based on a hybrid of the four different health systems operating today throughout America from the military model to the private care system.

Capitalism is the answer.
As we approach the 2020 presidential election, my wife and I are using a different set of filters to determine the acceptability of each political candidate.
T Rump is out.  My wife bailed on him early in the 2016 campaign while I was slower to see the light.
His debasement of Judge Gonzalo Curiel did it for me.
T Rump proved, beyond any doubt, he’s a slave to hate and this forced me to move beyond his debauched nature.
Historically, we focus 51% of our selection criteria on a candidates political and policy positions.
Voting for a Republican was our most frequent choice.
Then along comes T Rump, a life-long Democrat masquerading as a Republican.
A gangster masquerading as a businessman.
A congenital liar, bully, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, moron, psychopathic narcissist, sexual predator, un-convicted felon masquerading as a normal human being.
Thanks to him, we now focus more on the integrity of the person rather than their politics.
Sure, their politics still matter, but first they have to demonstrate good character, humane values and the ability to be empathetic.

Someone with a conscience.

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