Many T Rump supporters who live on land their families have owned for generations near the Mexican border are learning some painful lessons.
*Eminent Domain:  Our government can “legally steal” [a valid oxymoron] your real property due to what the government deems an exigent circumstance.  In effect, the government expropriates private land (your land) for public use (for the infamous, utterly useless, “Wall”).
**El Presidente:  The President you worship is responsible for enforcing eminent domain against you.
***Mauvais Chance:  Translation  — Tough luck!

These unfortunate souls can be added to a long and still growing list of T Rump’s victims; part of the human detritus that accompanies T Rump and has become a tragic legacy of his presidency even though he’s still in office.

Be thankful, IF…
You’re not a victim of eminent domain.
You’ve not had T Rump’s agents separate you from your infant children.
You’re not singled out by T Rump for a beating by his faithful during one of his rallies.
You’ve not received threatening messages from irate T Rump worshipers after he unloaded an angry tweet against you.
You’re not a member of the FBI who T Rump has labeled “scum.”
You’re not a female who T Rump claims he has carte blanche to sexually assault because, in his words, you “want me to.”
You’re not a member of America’s military elite who have to obey a Commander-and-Chief who sought and received five physical deferments during the Vietnam War while boasting that avoiding STD’s in the Manhattan dating scene was every bit as dangerous as fighting on the front lines in Nam.
You’re not a person of color during a time when racist, hate-based groups like the Klan and Neo-Nazi’s are enjoying sharp increases in membership due in large measure to T Rumps claim these groups include “many fine people.”
You’re not a faithful Evangelical who has to reconcile the cultish support of so-called Evangelicals for a man who pompously claims he’s never had to ask for forgiveness, exulting, “If I ever make a mistake I fix it before God needs to get involved.  No, I’ve never asked for forgiveness.”You’re not a member of Congress who has surrendered your soul to a Godless and vengeful psychopathic narcissist.You’re not a member of any one of America’s intelligence agencies whose combined efforts T Rump dismisses out of hand; favoring instead the word of our most threatening global enemy.

Be thankful, IF…

You’re Vladimir Putin.

Welcome to 2020.

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