Author: Harry Herget

The “ED” Generation

The “ED” Generation   My grandchildren are growing up as part of the ED Generation. It’s a time when men and women talk openly about things earlier generations discussed rarely and only behind closed doors. Now these personal and highly sensitive subjects are talked about daily in living rooms across America. Unwanted.  Unpalatable.  And Uninvited. The first time I heard the acronym “ED” used openly was in a televised confession by former Senator and Presidential candidate, Bob Dole.  It was painful to watch Sen. Dole and his comments were thinly disguised as an ad for a pharmaceutical company. When...

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We’re drying up. Everywhere.

We’re drying up.  Everywhere.   I have a brother who lives in Raleigh, NC, where the absence of rain has caused officials to impose a series of restrictions on the local citizenry to control their water usage. As drought conditions worsen, so do the restrictions; in fact, today in Raleigh, the situation is approaching a crisis. Lawns can be watered only one time per week.  Residents are allowed only two showers a week and they have to limit the flushing of toilets to three times per day.  Can you imagine being responsible for policing such outrageous restrictions? What a...

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The Road to Citizenship.

The Road to Citizenship. Illegal Immigrants (Trespassers) > Resident Guests > US Citizens Let’s face it, the official employment policy of the Mexican government can be summed up in one sentence: If you want a good paying job you need to head north and sneak into America.   The fact that our borders are as impenetrable as crepe paper is our fault; moreover, it’s impossible to discern the intentions of the thousands who cross these borders illegally every month not to mention the millions who preceded them over the past decades. Okay, so what can we do?   First...

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