Arrogance of Power
What I witnessed during T Rump’s impeachment inquiry was less a display of hyper-partisanship between the prosecuting Democrats and the defending Republicans, but more an incendiary clash between Democracy and Monarchy.
Most witnesses were apolitical and provided direct evidence of impeachable misdeeds which validated the hearsay evidence that triggered this entire process.  It’s important to note when direct evidence supports, verifies and confirms hearsay evidence, it trumps said hearsay.
Bottom Line:  The impeachment inquiry was revealing in its amassing of impeachable evidence.  It was more disturbing in its revelation of how truth is viewed by servants of the people compared to self-servants.  It was as if Thomas Jefferson was pursuing the truth while Louis XIV was substituting it with his own, self-serving, alternative facts.
It’s not a pretty picture; moreover, it’s a dangerous picture.
“L’etat c’est moi” is the mantra of a Monarchist and it ignores objective truth; it disavows the notion that America is a country of laws, not of men.  Monarchists are the cynosure of truth, power and justice.
There is an arrogance that inheres to monarchists that is evident in the President’s tweets as well as his six-page screed to Speaker Pelosi.  It’s also evident in the public statements by Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.  Smug.  Arrogant.  Intolerant.
Lord Acton got it right.  The British historian observed in the late nineteenth century that, “Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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