Alternative Facts = Negative Value


In the world of science, alternative facts have NO transactional value.

When world health authorities say the corona virus is real, you can’t trade “it’s a Democratic hoax” for calm on Wall Street.

When world health authorities say the corona virus has reached pandemic scale, you can’t trade “it’s under control” for calm among rational thinking people.

You can’t say, “tests for corona virus are available to anyone who wants one” when that’s a documented lie.

You can’t say, “the virus will go away when temperatures go up,” when health experts admit they don’t know if it will.

You can’t put a bandaid on a severed arm or leg by saying, “a vaccine will be available soon.”

After exposure to the virus you shouldn’t refuse to be tested because you’re in “perfect health.”

You shouldn’t translate solutions for the virus into monetary palliatives.

You shouldn’t blame the EU for “seeding” the virus in the U.S. when containing and mitigating its lethal effects, here and now, are paramount.

T Rump is a global health hazard and should be quarantined.

Bottom Line: We need to trade T Rump, no, give him away, to Zimbabwe.