2nd Amendment

December 15, 1791.
The date the 2nd Amendment became law.  226 years ago.
How many of you remember that?
At that specific moment in history, the Kentucky long rifle was the most sophisticated “firing” weapon available for military or hunting purposes.
How many of you remember that?
The 2nd Amendment was a time-sensitive, time-provoked Amendment, enacted just fifteen years after confronting an invading British Army whose goal was to use deadly force to kill our fragile, young American experiment.  It supports one’s right of self defense and resistance to oppression.
Unchecked and un-modernized, the existence of the 2nd Amendment AT THIS MOMENT in history, 226 years later, is tantamount to bestowing upon all American’s the right of insurrection, anarchy and mass murder.
Times have changed while advocates of the 2nd Amendment pretend they’re American patriots and their world is under attack.  It’s a shield they hide behind.  It masks their paranoia.  Whatever they’re missing in their lives, lethal weapons seem to complete them.

The 2nd Amendment has devolved into a precursor of the seven deadly sins.

What does it say, just days after the worst mass murder in American history, when Americans rushed out and bought up all the bump stocks on the market?  Who bought these single-purpose devices that convert a legal, semi-automatic long gun into an illegal, automatic machine gun, a virtual killing machine, used mercilessly by the Las Vegas sniper.  

If any of these buyers are mentally deranged, how do they plan to use these devices?